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Thru air and Guided Wave Radar Level, Coriolis, Magnetic, Vortex, and Ultrasonic Flow Meters. Pressure and Temperature Transmitters. Advanced Analyzers.
World class Control valves since 1882. Globe, Camflex, Severe service, Cavitation control, Lo dB, Steam Conditioning, Positioners.
Nuclear measurements for density, continuous & point level. Analyzers for sulfur in fuel , as well as liquid & gas density.
Small, high precision control valves. Made in a wide variety of metals and plastics, high pressure, cryogenic, Bellows sealed, Utility service.
Industrial pressure regulators. Pressure reducing, Back pressure, Pilot operated, Dome loaded, Self contained.
Quest-Tec Solutions. Boiler drum level indication, Site glass, LED steam/water interface, Optional analog or switched outputs.
Mass flow meters and controllers. Pressure controllers, Thermal mass and Coriolis technologies, Controlled evaporative mixers, Liquids and gasses.
Manufacturer of high quality gas and liquid analyzers. O2 Analyzers, Hydrocarbon, Moisture, Flue gas, Combustion efficiency, CEM, CO2 Quality, GC.